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30% SAVINGS on last mile delivery costs.





Save 30% on vehicle costs and manpower.



Pay only if we deliver proven value under our No Cash Out, Shared Savings Program.



Use algorithms that are calibrated for your needs, not just off-the-shelf ones that claim to optimize. If your parameters and constraints are not tweaked specifically for your operations, you will never achieve maximum efficiency.



Calibrate and set up your account in 1 month. Identify your clusters, load plans, and route plans daily in 30 minutes.



Use a system that scales with your delivery volume. For best results, Clusterrific evaluates all clustering, load distribution, and route options. For 50 delivery locations, that is at least 2,500 permutations. For 5,000 delivery locations, that is at least 25M permutations.

Clusterrific is an online system for dynamic clustering, load planning, and route optimization for last mile deliveries (LMDs). Its goals are to a) reduce the number of vehicles to deliver the same load, b) reduce the total distance travelled by all vehicles, and c) speed up the clustering, load planning, and route optimization process from hours to minutes.


Today, most supply chain practitioners rely on experience, familiarity with delivery areas, and intelligent guesswork to achieve their best route and load plans. Unfortunately, the results of this approach for LMDs rarely yields the optimum. Volume or weight capacities aren’t fully utilized, and the routes aren’t the most cost-efficient paths.


To solve this challenge, we use artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art algorithms to deliver optimal efficiency.

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